Senior Pastor

Ricky Smith

email: ricky.smith@gfumc.net

Senior Associate Pastor

Mark Mayo

Why I do ministry:
To give hope to broken hearts and lives
in a hurting world through Jesus Christ.


Associate Pastor and

Director of Student Ministries

Josh Rains

email: josh.rains@gfumc.net

  Associate Pastor
                     Keith Monk
Why I do ministry:
Jesus told us to go tell others.
People are lost.
People need hope.

Director of Discipleship

Ann Lee


Why I do ministry:

To transform lost people or nominal believers into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who demonstrate Christ’s love where they live, work, and play, while continuing to provide spiritual food and nourishment to mature believers in Christ.



Minister of Pastoral Counseling

Shirley Chupp

email: shirley.chupp@gfumc.net

Minister of Pastoral Care and  Adult Respite Programs

Lula Dobbs

Why I do ministry:

Congregational care  – to share the love and care of Jesus, and the church family.


Respite ministry – Expressing the love of Jesus by being the family of God to those affected by dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disorders



Pastoral Visitation
Reverend Billy York
Contact Rev. York thru Church Offices:


Contemporary Worship Leader

Steve Downs

email: steve.downs@gfumc.net

Director of Music/Worship

Lori Bailey

Why I do ministry:
It’s incredibly rewarding to participate in the Presence of God through music and those around me. I love welcoming people into our church.




              Missions Pastor                   Michael Wilder 

email: michael.wilder@gfumc.net

Why I do ministry:
Everyday people face their eternal life. We bear the responsibility in letting people know that the “bridge is out”. We must tell people that destruction is ahead.




Director of Children’s Ministries

Charlotte Watts

Why I do ministry:
Relationship with Jesus is not a “quick fix or thing”. Instant gratification is what we desire, but really the growth process is what we need-and it’s continual.

Minister of Pre-School Programs

Heather Epperson

Why I do ministry:
      As a child, my grandmother took me to church.      It influenced my life. Every young life lived in  Christian community is a life lived with purpose   and destination in relationship with Jesus Christ.

Executive Administrator

John Federico

Why I do ministry:

My “WHY”: passionate concern for the health, safety and well-being of our staff, congregation and visitors that results in a positive impact on ministry.

Understanding my “why” behind the “what” coupled with the power of the Holy Spirit provides me the motivation and fortitude to make my “why” a priority.



Administrative Secretary, Publications/Webmaster

Terri Lang

email: terri.lang@gfumc.net

Why I do ministry:
To communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ through new and innovative ideas,
so that everyone has the opportunity to
grow in God’s wisdom, love and purpose.
We are the hope of the world.
Terri Lang 2 (3)

          Membership Secretary           In Touch Ministry Coordinator 

Dianne Smith 

email: dianne.smith@gfumc.net

Why I do ministry:
Caring for the sheep, one sheep at a time.


Financial Administrator

Jerilee Gillen

email: jerilee.gillen@gfumc.net



Financial Assistant

Myra Rollings

email: myra.rollings@gfumc.net



Director of Kid’s Korner Pre-School

Pam Morris

email: pam.morris@gfumc.net



Marilyn Wilson

                       Why I do ministry:                               Cleanliness is next to Godliness.   
       Being clean is a sign of God’s Spirit,   
  His goodness and purity.
Marilyn Wilson