Senior Pastor

Terry Bentley

email: terry.bentley@gfumc.net

Terry Bentley

Senior Associate Pastor

Mark Adams

email: mark.adams@gfumc.net

Mark Adams

Associate Pastor and 

Director of Student Ministries

Josh Rains

email: josh.rains@gfumc.net


  Associate Pastor
                     Keith Monk


Director of Discipleship

Ann Lee

email: ann.lee@gfumc.net



Minister of Pastoral Counseling

Shirley Chupp

email: shirley.chupp@gfumc.net


Minister of Pastoral Care and  Adult Respite Programs

Lula Dobbs

email: lula.dobbs@gfumc.net


Pastoral Visitation
Reverend Billy York
Contact Rev. York thru Church Offices:


Contemporary Worship Leader

Steve Downs

email: steve.downs@gfumc.net


Director of Music/Worship

Lori Bailey

email: lori.bailey@gfumc.net





Missions Pastor

Michael Wilder 

email: michael.wilder@gfumc.net






Director of Children’s Ministries

Charlotte Watts

email: charlotte.watts@gfumc.net




Minster of Pre-School Programs

Heather Epperson

email: heather.epperson@gfumc.net



Executive Administrator

John Federico


Administrative Secretary,  Publications/Webmaster

Terri Lang

email: terri.lang@gfumc.net

Terri Lang 2 (3)


Membership Secretary

Dianne Smith 

email: dianne.smith@gfumc.net



Financial Administrator

Jerilee Gillen

email: jerilee.gillen@gfumc.net



Financial Assistant

Myra Rollings

email: myra.rollings@gfumc.net



Director of Kid’s Korner Pre-School

Pam Morris

email: pam.morris@gfumc.net




Marilyn Wilson


Marilyn Wilson