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GFUMC Discernment Covenant
How We Got Here
Protocol Loses Support
How We Got Here
North AL Conference (NAC) 
FAQs Affiliation & Disaffiliation from UMC
Biblical Precedence for Church Organization Beyond the Local Church              
Global Methodist Church
Transitional Book of Doctrines & Discipline

FAQs Church & Conference Disaffiliation
Free Methodist Church
Five Values That Shape Our Identity

Free Methodist Church
Affiliation Document
Conferences Openly Violate 
Book of Discipline

Bishop Keith Cowart (video)
June 12, 2022 Presentation – Free Methodist Church
Paganism @ Iliff School of Theology     
A Seminary of the United Methodist Church
Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett (video) 
June 26, 2022 Presentation – Stay with UMC
Rev. Dr. Jeff Greenway (video)
June 23, 2022 WCA Event
Global Methodist Church (website)
Rev. Keith Boyette (video)
July 10, 2022 Global Methodist Presentation
Plan for Discernment and Disaffiliation 
Guntersville First
Timeline for Discernment and Disaffiliation
Guntersville First
Library of Resources for Disaffiliation 
Requirements Annual Conferences are placing
on churches who wish to disaffiliate
Pastor Gresh Harbuck (ONEeighty Church)
Independent Wesleyan Church presentation
Dr. Robin Scott – Asbury Church (video) 
Independent Church “The Foundry” presentation
Affiliation Comparison Chart
(Global Methodist, Free Methodist, the Foundry, and true independence)