Prayer and Outreach

Showing Christ’s love to our neighbors.
Congregational Prayer Request
Caring for the sheep, one sheep at a time is the core statement of this wonderful prayer ministry. Our GFUMC pastors, family, and friends speak life, hope, healing, and restoration through faith-filled prayers for those in need. For all prayer requests, needs and concerns-please contact Melissa Shoemake
(256) 582-2001, ext. 210 or click on link below for email:
Room in the Inn
This is a group of churches that provide a safe shelter, a meal, overnight lodging, and other amenities to those in our communities that are without permanent housing. We support this ministry with our prayers and resources. We also volunteer in different service capacities, providing food when we can. This ministry is in operation from mid November through mid March.
To volunteer with RITI, contact Shirley Chupp at:
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Miracle in the Manger- Dec. 5, 4-7 PM
On a Friday night in December, in conjunction with Guntersville Downtown Merchants festival, we set up a scene from Bethlehem in our parking lot. More than 800 visitors come see sights and hear sounds of what it may have been like at the time of Jesus’ birth. After visiting the merchant stalls, and seeing the stable, guests are offered the chance to take communion, and talk with a pastor.
To volunteer with A Night in Bethlehem, contact Heather Epperson at: