Ricky Smith
Senior Pastor


Mark Mayo
              Senior Associate Pastor              Director of Missions 


Lula Dobbs
Minister of Pastoral Care,
Adult Respite Programs
Keith Monk
Associate Pastor
Reverend Billy York
Pastoral Visitation
Contact Rev. York thru Church Offices:
Michael Wilder
Director of Student Ministries
Ann Lee
Director of Discipleship
Mike Rucks
Executive Administrator
Lori Bailey
Director of Music/Worship

Steve Downs
Contemporary Worship Leader
Andrea Witherow
Director of Kid’s Korner Pre-School
Foster Buckley
Asst. Director of Kid’s Korner Pre-School
Charlotte Watts
Director of Children’s Ministries


Heather Epperson
Minister of Pre-School Programs
Terri Lang
Administrative Secretary, Publications/Webmaster
April Haramija
Financial Secretary
Whitney Morris