Opportunities to share God’s love!

We are blessed by a God who loves us at our darkest. Who loved us when we were wandering and empty. Who called us into a new life with Him. Who called us to serve Him. As we grow in Christ we find our fulfillment in serving others. After all, our Savior didn’t come into this world to be served but to serve others, (Matthew 20:28; Mark 10:45). We were created to serve God’s purpose anytime, anywhere, any opportunity.

Those who serve will never find more joy than when they share God’s love. We were created for God’s purpose and the motive for serving is God’s love. You may be missing what you were created for. Don’t miss God’s purpose, don’t miss the opportunity to share God’s love. Find your place to serve and watch God change lives through you, (Romans 12:3-13).
At GFUMC we have awesome ministries who need servants, ambassadors of God whose hearts burn with His love and thanksgiving so much that they die to self and seek to serve those who are still wandering and seeking the greatest love of their lives-Jesus. Each of us has been called and gifted with talents and love to change lives. You and I, as the body of Christ, are vital to God’s kingdom work, (1 Peter 4:8-11).
Are you ready to say yes to God and the opportunities He’s provided to make Jesus known? We’ve attached a form below for current service/ministry opportunities. Sign up today!