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On Campus Studies
“The Man Church Small Groups”
    Led by Pastor Mark Mayo.  6:00 p.m., room 310/Main Building.
    Led by Matt Arnold. 6:30 a.m., at the House/529 Blount Ave.
   Matt invites all men interested in leading a Man Church group in the future.
   Led by David Kutner. 6:30 p.m., room 310/Main Building.
   Led by Steve Bibee. ZOOM online meetings. 6:00 p.m., contact Steve Bibee at


“Keep It Shut” by Karen Ehman (Proverbs 31 Ministry Speaker)

Women’s study led by:  Erin Miles

7:45 a.m. at The House on Blount

From Bible times to modern times women have struggled with their words.  What to say and how to say it.  What not to say.  When it is best to remain silent, and what to do when you’ve said something you wish you could now take back.  In this study a woman whose mouth has gotten her into loads of trouble shares the hows (and how-not-tos) of dealing with he tongue. Much more than just a “how not to gossip” study this group will explore what the Bible says about the many ways we are to use our words.

“Leadership Pain” by Samuel R. Chand

Men & Women’s study led by: Pastor Ricky Smith

6:30 p.m. in Room 202

Chand is ruthlessly honest and highly practical in this book study as he examines the principles and practices that make our pain a means of fulfilling God’s divine purposes for our churches, communities, and us.  Gain concrete understanding of how to use the pain we experience to help us interpret and learn the lessons God has in it for us.  This study includes powerful personal stories from such leaders at Craig Groeshel, Lisa Bevere, and numerous others. A timely discussion whether you are a leader or serve one!


“Epic of Eden” by Sandra L. Richter

(Men & Women’s Study)

Led by: Pastor Lula Dobbs

6:00 p.m. in Room 205

The Old Testament of the Bible can feel like a puzzle we’ve tried to put together but wind up putting back in the box because it’s too complicated.  Through Sandra Richter’s gifted and easily followed teaching  gain insight in how an Old Testament understanding can lead to fresh depths of New Testament faith for everyday life in the real world. You will encounter numerous eye opening, light bulb going on moments in this exploring of The Word!


“Fierce” by Jennifer Cowart

Women’s study led by: Penny Maddox

6:30 p.m. in Room 203

The word fierce is trendy.  It is used to describe women who are extreme athletes, high-level executives, or supermodels.  Women at the top of their game.  But what about the rest of us?  Can we be fierce?  Absolutely!  In fact women like us have been changing the world for thousands of years.  In this study we will look at lesser-known female characters in the Bible and the ways they changed the world by living into God’s calling. Come discover how we too can live into our callings, honor the Lord, and even change the world through our courage, faithfulness, and obedience.


New Online Sunday Morning Group

Led by:  Jonathon Watts (the younger)

10:00 a.m. via Zoom and in-house, room 203/main building

Please Register at or call Ann Lee at (256) 582-2001 or


If you are unable to attend one of our in-house Sunday School groups/classes this is a wonderful opportunity to participate with others from the safety and privacy of your home. This class is also available in-house, room 203/main building.  Each Sunday morning will offer an interactive time of fellowship, community, prayer, discussion, and study of The Word led by Jonathon Watts. Jonathon will begin with a study in the book of John “deep enough for an elephant to swim yet shallow enough for a babe”.  In John we see Jesus in His glorious light and are brought out of the darkness.


Pastor’s Study, 1st & 2nd Peter

Men & Women’s study led by: Pastor Ricky Smith

Begins Tuesday September 7

9:30 a.m. in the Sanctuary, 539 Gunter Avenue
Join Pastor Ricky for this wonderful study of HOPE in the midst of suffering as Peter addresses the question of how to live as a Christian in the face of ultimate issues like death, ridicule, persecution and Satanic attack.  And gain practical instruction in how to walk as Christ and not be overcome by a world filled with false teachers and leaders. This study will be interactive with opportunities for questions and discussion.  It will also be offered online for those unable to attend in person.

Week 6, Oct. 19-Click here to view

Week 6, Oct. 26-Click here to view

Week 7, Nov. 2-Click here to view

Week 8, Nov. 16-Click here to view

Week 8, Nov. 23-Click here to view

“STRESS LESS” Women’s Group led by Rev. Lula Dobbs

These women’s support groups and classes use a variety of Christian material in order to discover ways to overcome stress and live a joyful life in Christ. Class meets every Monday at 11:00 AM at the Youth Center, 521 Gunter Avenue. (currently meeting).

For details contact Rev. Lula Dobbs at


Membership Class Led by Ann Lee

This class is designed with those seeking a church home, new members, and those wishing to teach in mind, but is open to all who want to know more about the core beliefs of United Methodists, the structure of the church, how GFUMC operates, and where you fit in. Divided into five sessions based on the vows we take when we join the church.  Discover what the people called “METHODIST” believe. CLASS  REQUIRED FOR ALL WANTING TO TEACH IN THE CHURCH. For details contact Ann Lee, Discipleship Director at

We believe it, we preach it, we strive for it–but still, for many, the kind of free-flowing life in the fullness of the Spirit is more of a dream than a reality.
Andrew Murray skillfully identifies the defects in faith that prevent the life-giving flow, and guides us to the Spirit’s full blessing!
“Only as we understand that believing in him means a yielding up of the whole heart and life and will, to let him live and rule within us, can we confidently count upon receiving all that we need of the Holy Spirit’s power and presence,” Murray says. “When Christ becomes to us all that God has made him to be, then the Holy Spirit can flow from him and do his blessed work of leading us back to know him better, and to believe in him more completely.”
Let The Full Blessing of Pentecost lead you to the well of living water you’ve been longing for. Please see series link below.
“ROMANS” led by Ann Lee
Ever taken a wrong turn? We all have and we all need help to navigate through this life. The letter to the Romans contains practical advice for dealing with the challenges that come our way and giving us the correct solutions through Jesus Christ. Click on the purple link to view the entire series.
Join Pastor Ricky Smith or Ann Lee for a study in the MORE of Jesus, God, and our Hope to Come. Not a letter to promote fear but a letter to encourage the persecuted and discouraged followers of Jesus Christ yesterday and today. Click on the links below to view each series.